In accordance with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), the term ‘data deletion’ refers to there being a high probability of it being impossible to reconstruct information deleted from data storage devices.
An overview of the methods can be found in section M 2.433 of the basic IT protection catalogue.

Deletion is important in two respects

Loeschzertifikat Supporting documentation is included at SWAPIT. (Example certificate)

Due to legal as well as corporate reasons, the secure deletion of sensitive data is becoming increasingly important for all companies. Proper destruction of your data is therefore our first priority.

At TEQPORT we follow the principle of “reuse over recycle”.
Instead of recycling, we try to extend the life cycle of hardware thus taking into account the second life way of thinking of the circular economy.

We therefore follow the recommendations of the BSI on the complete overwriting of data storage devices in accordance with international deletion standards.

Certificate for your documents

If you have your data deleted by TEQPORT, we will provide you with the corresponding deletion reports in a digital format for your documentation.

If we are unable to verify successful deletion (e.g. because of a mechanical defect), we will ensure the secure mechanical destruction of the data storage devices.

Standards at SWAPIT

Our deletion technicians have been professionally trained for the use of our deletion software. The common deletion standards at our processing centre are:

• HMG Infosec Standard 5 [IS5] – British standard in accordance with CESG
• DoD 5220.22-M – American standard in accordance with the Department of Defence

Do you have any special requirements for data deletion or require a different standard?
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